Dec 28, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award!!!! As a Christmas present!! yeah!!!

I went online today to check my emails and found this wonderful award given to me by my lovely friend and upline, Madeline Morcelo ...the Stylish Blogger Award!! WOW!!

Thank you, Madeline, you brighten my certainly made my Christmas a little bit more special!!

With this award come certain conditions...firstly, I have to tell you eight things about myself....

1. I, as well as Madeline, I love Christmas!

2. "My best friend wedding" is one of my favorite movies of all times. (but I'm married with my bestfriend, I was the bride when he married not the Godmother.) jijiji

3. I love my three kids they are my live!

4. As Madeline, I try to see the best in everyone but not always is easy!

5. I'm not ashamed to tell people the good things they have!!

6. I love bake cookies and make desserts to my husband and kids.

7. I will not write a book but I will love to read Madeline's book. I love to read any kind of book but specially the book of fantasy themes like Twilight and Harry Potter

8. Finally I love to learn how to edit photos to my scrapbooking and I ask to Chritmas the photshop program...

Now, following the tradition, I have to pass it on to eight very stylish blogs...

It's time to pass this one and I hope you can visit them to learn new things about them...take care and Merry Christmas!!

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